Filiżanka do herbaty Runo Autumn 280 ml Jesień

Arabia Finland

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The image of four seasons in the Northern ARABIA (Arabia) /Runo.(Formula Renault). Runo (Formula Renault) and in Finland, has meant 'poetry'. BEZ PODSTAWKA!

Głęb.Szer.W 280 ml
Motyw Rośliny, Owoce, Warzywa
Materiał Porcelana
Kolor Zielony

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The image of four seasons in the Northern ARABIA (Arabia) /Runo.(Formula Renault). Runo (Formula Renault) and in Finland, has meant 'poetry'. 

People of Nordic cold and long winter... 
-Spend the winter, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the four seasons scenery, like the poem to ARABIA (Arabia) Runo ( Formula Renault ) speaks the beauty of the four seasons to our will.

As Japan's four distinct seasons not Norse, but four seasons feel closer to us precisely because ARABIA (Arabia) landscape of great seasons was expressed in the /Runo(Formula Renault) mind rich, where you can feel the beauty of the season I think. 

Spring, summer, autumn and winter... 
Image of poem of the four seasons in every season are fabulous so far, ARABIA (Arabia) because winter star image to /Runo(Formula Renault), Nordic blue gray winter, will be activating Flowers showy, spring drop.

And, where can the beautiful thing about this kitchen table! 
Seems lost in various ways combinations free free, which one to take, but by all means enjoy the combination you find the combination of your choice depending on the cuisine and atmosphere, is the たい食 series. 

Will be making good use of floral motifs boldly drawn by simple dishes and can be combined, so enjoy your airconditioning and combinations as well as Runo (Formula Renault) series is also recommended for! 

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, in every season the beautiful scenery, so that coordinate with completed ARABIA (Arabia) /Runo(Formula Renault ) series. 

While enjoying the scenery of the four seasons, enjoy pampering with Runo(Formula Renault).

Cup, 88 mm diameter (mm) W116×H67 280 ml 
Saucer, dia. 165 × H25 (cm)

Microwaves, dishwashers, freezers, ovens available.

Designer: Heini Riitahuhta

Heini Riitahuhta

Heini Riitahuhta graduated from Aalto University, Ceramic and Glass Design department, in 2002 and now works as an independent artist in the Arabia Art Department.