Komplet dwóch filiżanek 200 ml z talerzykami 13,5 cm OIVA UNIKKO Beige-Gold


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Oiva / Unikko cup and plate set.

Wysokość.H 200 ml + 13,5 cm
Głęb.Szer.W 2 komplety w zestawie
Motyw Rośliny, Owoce, Warzywa
Materiał Porcelana
Kolor Beż+Złoto

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Oiva / Unikko cup and plate set.

This set includes two 2 dl coffee cups and two small, 13.5 cm plates, all made of white stoneware. The Unikko pattern set features silver details, which is why we recommend washing the dishes by hand. This set comes in a gift package.

Please remove the sticker from the bottom of the product before use. The sticker contains a small amount of metal.

Marimekko’s famous poppy pattern Unikko was born in 1964 in a time when the design house’s collections featured mostly abstract prints. Designer Maija Isola wanted to create something interesting from this organic theme and designed an entire range of floral prints. Today, the iconic flower represents creativity.

  • Pattern: Unikko
  • Pattern Designer: Maija ja Kristina Isola
  • Designer: Sami Ruotsalainen
  • Color: beige, silver, white
  • Country of manufacture: Thailand