Szklanki do wody ESSENCE Tumbler 550 ml Set 2


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Szklanki ze szkła z przeznaczeniem do serwowania wody lub soku. Czarka o delikatnie zaokrąglonym kształcie trapezu. W zestawie znajdują się 2 szklanki.

Wysokość.H 13,3
Głęb.Szer.W 8,6
Motyw 550 ml
Materiał Szkło
Kolor przezroczyste

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2 Przedmioty

Szklanki ze szkła z przeznaczeniem do serwowania wody lub soku. Czarka o delikatnie zaokrąglonym kształcie trapezu. W zestawie znajdują się 2 szklanki. Wymiary: 55cl Źródło photo: Iittala, Finlandia.

Alfredo Häberli grew up with a family that was in the restaurant business in Buenos Aires, so this Zurich-based designer under-stands the importance of getting the details of entertaining right from the very start. In 2001, Häberli created the Essence wine glass collection for Iittala which was continued 2013 with Essence Plus; each glass seems to perfectly serve its own particular function of accentuating the experience of drinking the type of wine it was designed for. The same can now be said for the new beer glass that sits in perfect harmony with its wine counterparts. With the rise in popularity of crafted and traditional beers and ales, it was time to launch a new Essence shape to accommodate this exciting new trend. The beer glass has the signature Essence stem that positions itself an elegant step above more standard beer glasses, while the vessel is designed to make pouring and drinking beer an enjoyable, sensuous experience.

Height: 13.3cm
Diameter: 8.6cm
Capacity: 0.5l

Alfredo Häberli

Alfredo Häberli (b.1964) is an internationally renowned Swiss Argentinian product designer, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Häberli manages to unite tradition and innovation along with joy and energy in his designs. Much of his work is strongly influenced by his early childhood in Argentina as well as his curiosity and exploration of everyday life.


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