Talerz do ciasta KASTEHELMI 31,5 cm Clear


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Szklany talerz do ciasta o średnicy 31,5 cm, dostępny w trzech kolorach.

Wysokość.H 31,5
Materiał Szkło
Kolor przezroczysty

Produkt dostępny w magazynie.

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Szklany talerz do ciasta o średnicy 31,5 cm, dostępny w trzech kolorach. Talerz przezroczysty. Projektant: Oiva Toikka. Producent: Iittala. Źródło photo: Iittala, Finlandia.

Design legend Oiva Toikka was exploring ways to hide joint marks in glass when he invented the groundbreaking raised droplet design that makes Kastehelmi so distinct. Kastehelmi features rings of delicate glass bubbles designed to resemble strings of dewdrops glistening under the sun. Each piece plays with light in a way that showcases the reflective beauty of the glass. Iittala’s beloved Kastehelmi collection offers a wide range of versatile pieces that are both functional and decorative. The 315mm Kastehelmi plate’s generous size makes it the perfect serving dish for vegetable platters, cheese trays or other favourite dishes. Clear glass is perfect for showcasing food. Suitable for any table setting. A stunning gift.

Oiva Toikka

Oiva Toikka (b.1931) is one of the great personas of Finnish glass design. His imaginative, rich and bold glass art is a departure from mainstream Nordic design. Toikka’s individual style is also evident in the utility objects he creates as they often deviate from the traditional clean-lined puritanism of Finnish design aesthetics. In addition to glass, his artistic activities cover staging, fashion design and plastic interior design elements. 


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