Komplet Stempli Make-a-Scene - Amsterdam

Monica Perez Vega

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This ‘Make-a-Scene stamp kit’ is a 22 piece wooden stamp kit filled with little Dutch architectural details. Ideal set with Make-a-Scene-Ink-Kit!!!

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Motyw Obiekty, Figury, Cyfry, Litery
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This ‘Make-a-Scene stamp kit’ is a 22 piece wooden stamp kit filled with little Dutch architectural details. After wandering the canals last Winter, I was struck by the wobbliness of the city and imagined a stamp set to reflect the playfulness of the buildings. I created this A6 sized stamp set to be carried easily on your travels as you create your own postcards for friends and family. Amsterdam is the first ‘scene’ in this line of “Make-a-Scene Stamp Kits”. I have more designs in the making. Have fun and be creative: Add color pencils, inks, or watercolor!

I designed the stamps and their packaging. All the prototyping was done in Amsterdam. The stamps are already produced, so we ship as soon as we receive your order! The stamps are made of hardwood and rubber.

As an artist, I often cut my own stamps out of linoleum to use as a texture in my abstract paintings. I also have a background as an art and design teacher, so I am perpetually thinking about how to incorporate creative play into everyday activities. I like that by playing with these stamps, one might be inspired to look more closely at their surrounding city and try to spot some of its characteristic architectural elements.

While I really designed these stamps for myself… I soon realized that they are loved by all ages.  If you love Amsterdam….and its adorable houses, you will love these stamps.

Ideal set with Make-a-Scene-Ink-Kit!!!

Weight: 0,55 kg. Lengh: 10,5 cm. Width: 14,8 cm. Hight: 4 cm.

Monica Perez Vega

I am originally from California, USA.  I moved to Amsterdam in 2007 after receiving a BFA from the California College of the Arts.


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