Jalo Helsinki's mission is to save lives.

We make life safer through beautifully
designed fire safety products that
people desire to include in their everyday life.

Is zero fire casualties at home.

We work hard to get Jalo Helsinki internationally
recognised as a leading brand for promoting that.

We care deeply about the quality of our products.
Our team of engineers and experts are
striving for exceptional performance and quality.
Our products are proudly built from the finest materials
and components with highest quality standards.
The solid safety is a combination of fine design
and latest technology.

All started by looking up to the ceiling and we
saw a common household product that everyone
has forgotten. A smoke alarm. Product that hasn't
changed at all throughout the history of smoke
alarms. We immediately loved the idea of getting
people to love their smoke alarms again. For that
mission we need to re-think the concept of the
smoke alarm. That's what we did, we revolutionised
the smoke alarm.

- Olli Nuutila & Mikko Järvenpää