Rycina 52x43 cm DILLISK Seaweed Collection


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Rycina 52x43 cm DILLISK Seaweed Collection. Atrament na bazie wody na ręcznie robionym japońskim papierze washi o gramaturze 50 gramów z obniżoną krawędzią

Wysokość.H 52
Głęb.Szer.W 43
Motyw Rośliny, Owoce, Warzywa
Materiał Papier
Kolor Czerwony

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Rycina 52x43 cm DILLISK Seaweed Collection.

Przynieś morze do domu; kolekcja botanicznych odbitek inspirowanych jasnymi porannymi wodorostami zbierającymi się w lodowatych wodach Atlantyku. Zawieś się jako zestaw lub zrób jedno odważne oświadczenie. Wyraziste, eleganckie kształty łagodzą delikatne wariacje kolorystyczne. Każdy blok drukowany jest wycinany ręcznie i ręcznie drukowany na 50 gramowym ręcznie robionym japońskim papierze washi z Awagami Factory w Tokushima w Japonii, gdzie produkują papiery washi od ośmiu pokoleń. Ukierunkowany nadruk na papierze Washi

Materiały: Atramenty na bazie wody na ręcznie robionym japońskim papierze washi o gramaturze 50 gz obszytym brzegiem.

Rozmiar: 52 x 43 cm. Pasuje do naszej średniej wiszącej ramy.

Zakres tonów kolorów: głęboki kadm i czerwony umber z jasnymi błyskami niebieskiej ochry i rubinowej czerwieni.

Szczegół: Nasz najnowszy nadruk z serii wodorostów. Każdy nadruk wykonywany jest ręcznie w naszym studio na zachodnim wybrzeżu Irlandii.

Produkt ręcznie robiony, odmiany kolorów tuszu są unikalne dla każdego wydruku.

Ręcznie podpisany i opatrzony datą przez drukarnię.

Channelled Wrack (Pelvetia Canaliculata)

Common names in Ireland including Dulamán, Caisíneach and Cow-tang,  The smallest of the ‘wracks’, it 10-15cm at maximum length. Find it growing on the tops of rocks in the upper shore and splash zones. Spotting Channelled Wrack marks the location of the full reach of the high tide. Channels or gutters on the fronds hold water allowing it to survive long periods without water cover. As Spring turns into Summer Channelled Wrack changes from a dark brown to olive to mustard yellow. In Summer its forked fronds open into fruiting tips. It is one of the most accessible as well as versatile and tasty of the Seaweeds. It combines well with sweet ingredients;  try cooking in apple juice and add soy. Strong similarity to Japanese Hijiki and can ack as a substitute in recipes. Best collected early in the year when plants are young and tender.

Bring the sea home;  a collection of botanical prints inspired by clear bright mornings  seaweed foraging in the ice cold waters of the Atlantic. Hang as a set or make a  single bold statement. Crisp, elegant shapes are softened by delicate colour variations. Each print block is cut by hand and hand printed onto a 50gr handmade Japanese washi paper from Awagami Factory in Tokushima, Japan, where they have been making washi papers for eight generations. Channelled Wrack Print on Washi Paper

Materials: Water based inks on a 50gr Handmade Japanese washi paper with deckled edge.

Size: 52 x 43cm. Fits our Medium Hanging Frame.

Colour Tone Range: A warmed green ochre counterpointed with flashes of a cooler green ochre, raw umber with green undertones on fronds.

Detail: Each print is made by hand in our studio on the west coast of Ireland.

A handmade product, ink colour tone variations are unique to each print.

Hand signed and dated by the printmaker.

Dillisk (Palmaria Palmata) also known as Dulse, Dilsk or Creathnach grows along the the low tide line on rocky exposed shores and is easily identified by its maroon coloured leathery fronds. Hand picked and left to dry in the wind, it makes a salty chewy snack that pairs well with dark ales and stouts. Alteratively try Dillisk Kimchi or add flavour to potato dishes (dillisk champ), boiled and pureed like a laverbread, or to make a dillisk dashi (a Japanese style soup stock). Dillisk is traditionally eaten as a snack in Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, Norway and the Faroe Islands and is an excellent source of dietary iodine.

Superfolk Studio

We are a team of designers and makers, recognised internationally for designing simple, beautiful material-led objects. 

Our design studio is led by the husband and wife team of Gearoid Muldowney, a craft designer and Jo Anne Butler, an artist and architect. Our mission is to share our passion for our environment is deeply infused in all we do. We believe in breaking down the walls that contain us and uncovering the strange, wild beauty of our natural world.


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