Poster motyl 30x40 Asterope Leprieuri Tinted B


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Poster motyl 30x40 Asterope Leprieuri Tinted B background and name. 

Wysokość.H 40
Głęb.Szer.W 30
Motyw Zwierzęta, Ptaki, Owady, Ryby
Materiał Papier
Kolor Szary

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Poster motyl 30x40 Asterope Leprieuri Tinted B background and name. 

You can choose between two versions of each design. When choosing No tinted background, no name it becomes a greater contrast between the motif and the background, a more graphic look. When choosing Tinted background and name the contrast is a little softer, and you get a white border around it like a built in passepartout, a more classic look. If you choose the tinted background you will also get the species scientific name printed under the insect.

Some exceptions occur, for example some of the collages comes without name even if you choose with tinted background. Our mini prints comes on a light grey background without any names. Most of our botanical range comes on tinted background that is printed edge to edge and has´t got the name printed even if you choose the tinted background. All prints have the photographers name printed on them in the right hand corner.

Goran Liljebergs

Göran Liljeberg is a skilled photographer with a special interest in macro photography. He also has a great passion for butterflies and insects, which has results in a range of beautiful prints from his own studio. Each print is really detailed, sharp and has a wide color palette. Available in numerous variants!