Dywan z tworzywa w romby TRIBUS 140x200 Oliwkowy

Design Lina Johansson

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Dywan z tworzywa w romby TRIBUS 140x200 Oliwkowy.

Wysokość.H 200
Głęb.Szer.W 140
Motyw Obiekty, Figury, Cyfry, Litery
Materiał Wełna
Kolor Zielony

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Dywan z tworzywa w romby TRIBUS 140x200 Oliwkowy.

The joys of the Tribus plastic rug: easy to maintain, pleasant to walk on, lovely to look at!

Use it indoors or outside, and flip it whenever you want – it’s fully reversible.

These rugs are woven in Sweden on wooden shuttle looms. Note that the dimensions can vary slightly because parts of this manufacturing process is done by hand.

Material: Swedish-made plastic (PVC) and polyester warp. The sourcing company for the PVC is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. The plastic does not contain any substances on the REACH Candidate List.

Lina Johansson

Lina Johansson graduated from the Swedish School of Textiles in 2012, and founded her own business right away, eager to work with textile design on her own terms, able to realize her dreams and ideas.

Her designs channel a modern, light-filled Scandinavian aesthetic with whimsical twists, and she aims to create beautiful items that contribute to unique, cozy homes.


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