Kilim wełniany CANADA BROWN-BLUE 150x200 by Sandra Figuerola

Gan Rugs

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An amalgam of hydraulic floor tile, fifties retro and Scandinavian austereness in a kilim with style, character and a field of action in your house. Multicultural influences inspired Sandra Figuerola for the popular "Kilim" collection by GAN

Wysokość.H 200
Głęb.Szer.W 150
Materiał Wełna
Kolor Brązowy

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An amalgam of hydraulic floor tile, fifties retro and Scandinavian austereness in a kilim with style, character and a field of action in your house.

This is the Canadá rug from our kilim collection, with a certain seventies flair visible in its design and color palette. Using circles, hexagons and diamonds, designer Sandra Figuerola has created a pattern in which these three geometric shapes alternate over and over, reminiscent of seventies tile floors or wallpaper.

Although this motif is repeated as a pattern, the color of each geometric element changes, alternating four tones. As a detail, and license to the overall symmetry in the piece, two of the sides are accented with a fringe-like stripe, each woven in its own way. It is available in three sizes.


The kilim is an artisan method of rug making in which the weft is tightly woven on a manual loom, using only threads and no knotting. The result is a light fabric with no pile, similar to that of upholstery. It is a technique that offers great flexibility, a feature that GAN explores thoroughly to create high-impact details.


After training in Fine Arts at the San Carlos School in Valencia, Sandra Figuerola directed her professional career towards graphic design. In 1984 he founded La Nave collective with ten other designers, a studio that was a benchmark of Valencian design until its dissolution in 1991. Afterward, she continued to work in partnership with other designers as well as independently, developing her activity in various design subjects: graphic, industrial and textile. She has stood out specifically in the field of graphic design, publishing and corporate identity -together with Marisa Gallén, she designed the GANDIABLASCO logo. Aside from continuing her work as an independent designer, she has founded the Hup Hotels interior design studio.

100% lana virgen. Reversible. Wymiary: 150x200. Producent: Gan-rugs, Hiszpania.

Sandra Fiquerola

She studied Fine Arts at the San Carlos Art School in Valencia.

In 1984, along with 10 other partners, she founded La Nave design studio, a distinctive concept on the national design scene, inextricably linked with a particular period of Valencian design. She stayed with La Nave until it was disbanded in 1991.
In 2010 she set up a new studio, El Almudín, with six other partners.


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