Koc wełniany HAZY BLANKET 190x145 Grafitowy


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Koc wełniany HAZY BLANKET 190x145 Grafitowy. The Tide blanket is characterized by gentle and smooth transitions of dark and light color tones. Inspired by the rise and fall of the sea levels causedby the gravitational forces by the moon and the sun the blanket reflectsatmospheric nature in cyclical structures.

Wysokość.H 190
Głęb.Szer.W 145
Motyw Obiekty, Figury, Cyfry, Litery
Materiał Wełna
Kolor Grafitowy

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The Hazy blanket is a woven black and white watercolor reminiscent of a landscape or a rugged coast. The blankets artistic inspiration of abstract paintings is underlined by its fluid and dynamic space of two tone shades. Fine pure sheep wool and the smooth color transitions give Hazy its lightness and tenderness. This luxurious and cozy blanket perfectly complements a wide variety of living spaces and can also be used as a stunning wall hanging. Hazy stays with you in cold winter days and chilly summer evenings to always keep you warm and comfortable all year round.

Design Year 2014
Designer Julia Jessen
Material 100% Wool
Color Black & White
Dimensions 190 cm x 145 cm
Features This blanket or wallhanging is made of finest quality wool to keep you warm and cosy for a long time. It is made in low batch production and complements the living space as a beautiful piece of art.

Julia Jessen

Julia initially studied literature and linguistic in Berlin, lived in Paris and Toulouse and volunteered in social projects such as teaching at a school in the socially deprived Berlin district of Neukölln. Nevertheless, her pristine passion for creative work and artistic projects gradually began resurfacing during her studies. Through the experience of working in film and photography, painting and graphics, she eventually came to product design. 


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