Lampa drewniana wisząca ILLAN LED Chandelier 80 cm Birch

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Lampa drewniana wisząca ILLAN LED Pendant 80 cm Birch.

Wysokość.H 80 cm
Głęb.Szer.W 50x40
Materiał Drewno
Kolor Brzoza

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Technological innovation, research on materials and sustainability converge in harmony in the Illan suspension.

The lamp is composed of a very light body made with extremely thin, flexible plywood, cut by laser along densely packed equidistant lines. This is a precious and varying material whose unique natural character can be seen in the typical grain pattern. These characteristics are the distinctive features of the project. Once suspended from the ceiling, Illan takes on volume thanks to the force of gravity and assumes its characteristic form that floats in the air.

The highly decorative and emotional impact expressed through the intelligent and original use of materials, make it a truly special lamp. Skillful use of the LED source creates very comfortable, relaxing diffused lighting. Illan is available in multiple sizes up to one meter in diameter.

Design Zsuzsanna Horvath, 2019

Luceplan receives another important honor for the Illan suspension lamp, namely the Best of the Best prize for the lighting category of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2021.

First presented at Euroluce 2019, from the outset Illan has been able to combine important factors like technological innovation, research on materials and sustainability: fundamental tenets of commitment for Luceplan.

The Illan suspension lamp is an expression of all-around experimentation, interpreted in technological and material terms, with exceptional aesthetic flair.


ILLAN sosp. d. 80 tg.fase EU
ILLAN susp. d. 80 ph.cut
12NC Code: 915005936201