But since these were products like Joe Colombo’s Multichair or Rodolfo Bonetto’s 4/4, we couldn’t accept their loss. And so, B-LINE’s beginnings were dictated more by a gut feeling than a rational calculation: we wanted to restore splendour to objects that, because they were ingeniously simple and aesthetically interesting, were intrinsically precious. This was all happening in 1999.

From then on, our ambitions regarding good designing came to fruition in the form of international collaborations and, besides the several items we consider heritage (see the item Boby), we manufacture furnishing products for the home, office and contract. The materials we use are plastic, steel, fabric and wood and we are extremely flexible where the technologies to be deployed are concerned. In this quest of ours for the perfect combination between versatility, originality and functionality, we involved both the creative genius of Karim Rashid as well as the Zen essentiality of Kazuhide Takahama or perhaps the inspiration of a newcomer at his debut: what absolutely counts for us is the quality of the design.

Having singled that out, B-LINE’s team and the designers work hand in hand through to the selection of materials, covering all technical aspects, to turn out products entirely made in Italy.