A word selected to talk about a job of work, a path, a feeling, a sentiment, an armation. Right from within the factory, which bears witness to living values, as evidenced on a daily
basis: Italianness, care, excellence of execution, crasmanship, design and remaining true to the local area.

Wood was in our hearts right from the start, and as soon as we were born we had solid roots, rm and deep
convictions. is attachment clearly made us stand out at once. In wood we have, from time to time, reread the
traces of our past to make them become thoughts, plans, and new ideas. Over the course of a whole century
architecture, fashion, clothing, design, art and lifestyles have changed rapidly, almost overwhelming us. e
Billiani product range has constantly been enriched, leading to fruitful relationships with designers, looking
for a balance between practicality and creativity. With the desire to produce beautiful seating, yes, seating to let
dreams rest easy, and to respond to these ever-changing lifestyles.

Here is the beauty of form, of design, of architecture, of the arts, of the countryside, of little things, of great works, of ideas, of technology, of the voice, of thought. ere is the beauty of knowing and the beauty of existing.

Let’s sit down for a moment to understand, when seated we think better, eat better, discuss better, design better, plan the future better. Seated we understand better.

Such beauty as in cherry blossom, in the amazing delicateness of a leaess tree silhouetted against the sky, as dusk is about to fall.

We can nd beauty in a graceful gesture, in cleanliness, in tidiness, in willingness, in accuracy, in politeness, in authenticity, but, without that vital involvement, anything can cease to be beautiful and lose its signicance. For us, this is true beauty: the ability to conserve an appropriate approach to what surrounds us and to react both to beauty and ugliness.

In choosing a design, a function, a combination of materials and colours, all of which will welcome so many moments of other people’s lives, we proceed with involvement, skill and great care.

When we make a chair, we are doing what we love doing.
We call all this beauty.