Whether it’s a blanket or rug, tea towel or pillow, every item you see is designed to be well used and well loved! When designing a new product, we think not only about how it will look when it comes off the loom, but how it will look in 20 years, too. Thoughtfully chosen materials of a high quality blend beauty and practicality, and often just get better with time. Our products are designed and produced with timelessness in mind – intended to exist outside of trends and become your own personal classic.

Design Lina Johasson is based in Nykvarn outside Stockholm, Sweden. Our manufacturers are primarily based in the EU, to ensure all products are made well and are ready to live a long life in your home. 

The company was founded in 2012, and has since expanded internationally. The products are available for purchase online and can also be found at a range of boutiques in 10 countries.