Eilersen is the result of proud furniture tradition, modern design and handmade quality. Quality can't be tested online. It's even difficult to test it in a store. True quality reveals itself after years of use.
Eilersen combines the best materials with a proud tradition for craftsmanship in every product we make.
Their durability speaks its own clear language.


It all began with a horse-drawn carriage. in 1895 the young niels eilersen started out as a coachbuilder.
To make his wheels, he was the first person in denmark to use steam to bend wood. and when cars eventually ran horse-drawn carriages off the road, eilersen started making handmade bodies for cars and busses.

In 1934 the factory burned to the ground. yet this marked the start of an entirely different production process. from that time on, eilersen focused on producing high-quality upholstered furniture. The sofas soon became very successful and the company has been making steady progress ever since.

Today the fourth generation has propelled the factory and the eilersen trademark into the next millennium. the name itself is synonymous with quality and eilersen has a fantastic, world-wide reputation for its sofas. several models have already risen in stature to classics, while the rest simply provide daily enjoyment for many years.
Eilersen furniture is the result of proud traditions and modern development. as such, the creation of every piece of furniture is based on genuine craftsmanship and fashion-conscious design. To many people an "eilersen" is also a unique feeling of comfort... or as we say "enjoy an eilersen!".
Quality for more than 100 years.