Established in 1972, KINTO started out as a wholesaler of tableware in Shiga, Japan. Eventually we began developing our own products, aspiring to enrich the everyday life and embrace a thoughtful yet casual lifestyle. Since 2010, our products have been exported worldwide. In Europe, a subsidiary was established in 2016. Ranging from tableware, drinkware, to interior accessories, we aim to continue delivering products that inspire and give fulfillment with every touch and use.

Let your day be filled with what inspires you

It's about slowing down and seeing the beauty of nature in the change of seasons.​ ​ It's about savoring a delightful dish with close family and friends to unwind and feel wholesome. It's about coming to understand the joys of finding things that feel just right in your hands.​ ​ We imagine the scenes that enrich your life to develop and bring you products with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness.

Balance between usability and aesthetics​

Usability and aesthetics. We as makers, value the balance between these two elements. Products with an ease of use is comforting to all the senses and lead to a growing fondness over time. A tableware with elegant presence blends naturally with the living space and adds color to daily life. We aspire to create products that stand by you in your everyday life. This is why we continue to seek inspiration from moments and stories held precious by the users. We work to create products which will inspire and give fulfillment with every touch and use.

Our Collections

Ranging from tableware, drinkware, to interior items, our collections are developed with an aim to propose a thoughtful and comfortable lifestyle. We value simplicity and subtle elegance; our products are designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding space while adding a unique touch. We believe in products that are easy to use daily; human movements such as holding, pouring, and drinking are carefully considered in the design details.​ ​

To make the daily life richer and more comfortable

Inspirations may come from dining experiences, interior spaces, or fields such as fashion. Our passion is ignited by diverse cultures and lifestyles. Often our designs are rooted in Japanese traditions and interpreted in a way that fits with the modern lifestyles all around the world.​

The beginning

Ideas for products originate from small realizations in everyday life. At KINTO, we are passionate about discovering moments and places that brings us joy and comfort. Drawing from personal experience, we think about the lifestyle we wish to convey through different forms, materials, and textures.

Giving shape to an idea

To give shape to a product idea, the in-house team works on determining the design elements. Sometimes, we also collaborate with outside product designers. The final product is a result of many trials and experiments, which we hope will bring a pleasant experience to people that use it.

High quality materials

We take a lot of time to study materials and textures. One of the uniqueness of KINTO products is the integration of different materials such as glass, porcelain, stainless steel, and wood. This is made possible by our strong partnership with suppliers and craftsmen in Japan and overseas, and the depth of experience, knowledge, and skills that we share.​ ​

Care and quality

Final products arrive at the KINTO Logistics Center, where they are inspected, picked and packed to be delivered to our customers.

Chwilowo brak produktów tego producenta w naszym sklepie.