Kristalia was established in 1994 by young entrepreneurs from Friuli who share two great passions: design and jazz.

From the outset, Kristalia has given special attention to innovative design projects through experimentation and searching for new technical solutions, using materials borrowed from the fields of fashion and sport.

In autumn 1995, Kristalia presented its first catalogue to the sales network. Production immediately met the needs of a public oriented towards contemporary furnishings while maintaining details and reassuring traditional styles.

From the end of the 1990s, with the creation of a definitive company organisation, Kristalia began to pursue a different path and attract consumers who were particularly attentive to the aesthetic and qualitative characteristics linked to innovation in Italian and international design.

The new millennium opened doors to an increasingly global and competitive market but Kristalia confirmed its leading position thanks to its inspiring principles that distinguish it today from other brands:

  • EXPERTISE AND CONFIDENCE in using increasingly complex technologies;

  • UNIQUE AND RECOGNISABLE PRODUCTS thanks to their simple features, their versatile nature in settings and ongoing focus on the need to combine quality with innovation;

  • PRODUCT CONSISTENCY: Kristalia desires and promotes the greatest freedom of expression for its designers. This creativity, however, must follow a common path of formal minimalism that is the distinctive feature while ensuring credibility for the entire range of products.

  • COMMUNICATION: For Kristalia, the revolution in means of expression and tools is a stimulus and continuous creative potential for increasingly effective communication of our product philosophy and the values we believe in.

Currently, Kristalia Srl comprises a team led by a motivated people who are fully involved in its development programmes: the strategies, analysed by the owners, are only applied after careful collaboration with the various players in the company. This ongoing search for a team spirit, which is used to face as many challenges as possible, makes us enthusiastic and dedicated.