Liljebergs is a collection of images based on Göran Liljebergs photography of insects and other objects from nature. Behind his images is a great passion for butterflies, insects and nature and many years of dedication to photography. Each image consists of sometimes hundreds of images that have been stacked together with different depths of sharpness to create as detailed and realistic images as possible. This macro technique allows you to enlarge the images at great magnification without losing any sharpness or detail.

The insects that are used are mostly borrowed from the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm where Göran is a member of the entomological association, he also borrows from his entomology friends and some are from Görans own collection. The images are printed from highend 11-color inkjet printers in the showroom in Stockholm. They are printed on a matte 200 gram quality paper with pigment inks of the highest quality with a very long life span. This gives a quality and durability that far exceeds traditional offset printing. Macro photography of small insects in large magnification has become Görans speciality.

Most photos has been used as illustrations in a variety of books but are now mainly used as art in home and public decor. Today we supply over 400 different prints of insects, botanicals, minerals, crystals and other objects from nature.

”The goal is to show nature as it looks, with the detail, sharpness and color gamut required.”