Lyngby is a Danish design company that rediscovers and recreates applied arts from our mutual Scandinavian design heritage and tradition. In 2012, we relaunched the classic, original Lyngby vase, which was originally manufactured by Porcelænsfabrikken Danmark from 1936 until the factory in Lyngby closed in 1969. Over time, the vase became an iconic collector’s item and that stands to reason. The simple and unpretentious column shape suits any home – whether the vase is used as a freestanding sculpture or when it allows any flower or bouquet to unfold in the most beautiful way.

Based on the popularity of the Lyngby vase, we decided to reintroduce the collection and bring it back into Danish homes. With the greatest diligence and with a deep respect for the unique history of the vase, it was brought up to date with a new, more contemporary glazing that adds a beautiful textural character. The vase is available in several sizes and various colours in both porcelain and glass. In addition, the collection now includes the Lyngby Bowl, the Lyngby Candle, the Lyngby Flowerpot as well as a wide range of Lyngby Dinnerware that adds a modern elegance to any dining table and kitchen. More products fitting into this harmonious concept are on their way.