zoe MILLER and david GOODMAN 

Our studio is based in Brighton on the south coast of England 

At MILLERGOODMAN we strive to create innovative toys which encourage open ended play. Award winning Modern design classics, for the young and young at heart. We are driven by the art of play and nurturing the imagination. 

With every toy we make, we thoughtfully try to combine our own desire for originality in design, with the creative, and often abstract, world of the child. We endeavor to do this by producing simple shapes, undefined forms and patterns that encourage and engage children to play again and again. No need for instructions we believe in ‘less is more’ and ease of use when defining our designs. Our toys provide limitless fun. 

We are deeply inspired by the links between modern art and objects for children And have an innate admiration for what children can teach us. 

All our products can be used inventively in their own right or together as a system to build a wonder-world of play and excitement.

Whilst we are playful we are also socially and environmentally considerate. We use rubberwood as it's an ecological hardwood that has a beautiful grain. Wood as a material is a symbol of timelessness and authenticity. Millergoodman is committed to make toys both fun and safe and built to last. We use non toxic, child safe inks on all our blocks. All of our toys are tested by an independent lab and conform to U.S ASTM and European EN71 Standards. 

Over time we hope for our toys to grow like your child and be recognized as heirloom pieces, to be passed on or handed down to future generations. We hope to continue to inspire young minds all around the world with our ageless design and artistic aesthetics and are committed to building a bigger brighter more playful world ….