Puik Art to oryginalne produkty zaprojektowane i wykonane przez młodych holenderskich projektantów. To unikatowe i designerskie produkty. 

At the heart of everything that PUIK art does, is the notion that contemporary design should challenge the status quo. We realise this by working with the best up-and-coming designers who provide a new perspective on Dutch Design, delivering products according to our accessible design principles.

PUIK Art is a Dutch Design brand that dares to challenge current conventions. We enable people to bring out their bold self. With an open-minded outlook on what design could possibly be, we are continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity. Whether it is the material, design or production method used, all of our product designs spring from a good idea. This opens up a world of innovative concepts, translated into a series of loveable objects for your home.

At the same time, we keep in mind the end-user of the product, you! Our products aren’t meant to be looked at in a museum, so we always strive to maintain elegance and functionality in our designs. We might be different, but we are never being weird: our products fit in essentially every home. By delivering products at an affordable price, we now enable everyone to own a unique piece of Dutch Design.

With the idea of challenging the status quo in mind, it is the young designers themselves who we dare to develop their products for us. Unbounded by conventions and structures; that is what we appreciate in the fresh minds of the designers. We work with the best up-and-coming designers / avant-garde of Dutch Design, who deliver a new perspective on Dutch Design, always living up to the criteria of boldness, functionality and elegance. Meet the designers.