Aldo Londi was born in Montelupo in 1911, and started working for a ceramics manufacturer when he was 11 years old. After being taken prisoner in South Africa during WW2, he returned to Italy and in 1946 was appointed artistic director at Bitossi. He held that position for over 50 years, and created thousand of designs for vases, jugs, animals, candle stick holders and other objects.

Mark Hill Publishing tells us more about Raymor . Who was a US import/ distribution company of home goods and home décor, that by the 1950’s was bringing the work of some of America’s and Europe’s best modern designers into American department stores and boutiques. It was Raymor who helped bring fame and notoriety to Bitossi ceramicsSome great shapes and colours.

The Rimini Blu collection of ceramics was created in the early fifties by Aldo. This collection of vases and animals is characterised by their unique blue colouring and irregular texture. Today the collection is regularly the subject of research both for it’s artistic value, stylistic charm and historical importance, with each piece bearing the Bitossi stamp.

I find there is quite a variation in style across the animal range. From the scarily gouged-out eyes of the cat above, to some rounded and smiling creature forms further below.

Those Rimini Blu’s must have been a common site in the sixties and seventies. Aldo made many forms and styles of ceramics. Quirky lamp-stands made out of birds, fish or horses. And many, many shapes with such a variety of decoration. Probably his most well known or recognisable work were the horses and bulls. These also came in different colours, however the blue glazes were still the most desirable by far !

Obecnie nie ma przypisanych produktów do tego projektanta.