Arturo Álvarez (Pontevedra 1964) is an acclaimed Spanish artist who develops his artistic project in the fields of sculpture and design. Self-taught, in the beginning, he developed his innate talent inspired by nature and human. His interpretation of the volumes and the illumination set a strong personality in the creation of surprising scenographies.

In the early nineties, Arturo began experimenting with glass. He learns vitreaux and tiffany techniques and starts creating luminaries with a contemporary language. These beginnings with nods to the Art Deco and Art Noveau lead to innovative and daring designs. After an evolution of many years, Arturo Álvarez reinvents forms, volumes, perspectives and continues creating luminaries inspired by the Bauhaus. 

In recent years, his work has evolved towards abstraction by exploring simple geometric forms without abandoning references to nature. At this point in his career, he introduces feminine forms as inspiration for his most recent work.


At present, Arturo Álvarez develops new forms of expression with light as the guiding thread. The human being as protagonist, his relationships, light, shadow, agreements and disagreements are topics in which he deepens with his creation. With different techniques, he explores new forms of artistic expression where lights and shadows create emotions.

Arturo and Patricia are co-founders of the arturo alvarez brand. Throughout the company’s trajectory, Patricia has assumed different roles as an entrepreneur. For twenty years she was the general manager of the company. Currently she is a consultant in business strategy, design and communication. Meanwhile, Arturo has been since 1994, when a business and life project was initiated, the creative director of the company. Since the first moment they were determined to form a multidisciplinary team, specialized and qualified, that elaborates goods manually building a philosophy based on emotional light, in which the human being is always the basis of the project. The excellence of its creations by using high quality materials and trying to be more respectful with the environment are other paramount objects.

Produkty - Arturo Alvarez