Gunnar Flørning (1932-2014) was one of Denmark’s most successful designers within wooden handicrafts. The history of Gunnar Flørnings popular designs date back to 1952 when he was enrolled in mandatory military service. In order to pass the time, he and his comrade began carving objects out of old wooden fens posts. This ignited an interest within Flørning to make wooden handicrafts full-time and became the beginning of a decade as an internationally recognized wood designer with more than one million pieces sold worldwide. Though managing his own factory for many years, he was forced to shut down his hands-on operation in 1965 due to the development of a dust allergy.

Flørning had a special talent for capturing personality and giving life to wood with just a few details. This adds a charm and elegance to his designs that can withstand the test of time. In 2012, Lucie Kaas began re-introducing a range of his wooden figures, giving new life to the old classic. 

Produkty - Gunnar Florning