Niklas Jessen and Julia Mülling are two passionate designers of Germans origin, who associated to create the design studio Schneid in 2012. 
Niklas Jessen studied architecture in Lübeck, Germany and then focused on woodworking and product design. 
His Interest in interior design, led him to establish his own studio developing lighting as well as furniture. 
Juila Mülling started her studies in literature in Berlin before falling for art and design. She decided to create the design studio Schneid with Niklas Jessen, where she creates the concepts and forms of their product range. 
Their products are minimalist in style aligning with Scandinavian design, while the materials are selected to be sustainable and of quality. 
They tend to mix materials with a dominance of wood in its natural state and produce their lighting and furniture in Northern Germany. 

Produkty - Julia Jessen Niklas Jessen