Julien Renault started working in the field of design in 2009 after training at ESAD Design & Art School (2004-2007) in Reims. He worked for six months at the Bouroullec studio (2008) in Paris and graduated in Product Design at ECAL (2009) in Lausanne. He then moved to Brussels, where he was an assistant to Belgian designer Sylvain Willenz, while simultaneously working for antique design dealer Vincent Colet.

In 2010 he established his reputation as designer by winning the D3 Contest at the IMM in Cologne with his ‘Hand Forged Aluminum Series’, which is his bachelor project. 

Additionally to his development as designer, he has started giving attention to the objects that are already around us. He found ’Inventory’ in 2010, a personal collection of anonymous and well-made objects, which inspire him. Photography plays a big role in Julien’s work. His intrigue and curiosity drive him to preserve memories of favorite times, to capture special moments and to tell stories as a source to design. Since 2011, he is working as photographer and product developper for the brand Objekten (BE) founded by Alain Berteau in Brussels. Since 2012 he is also Alain Berteau's assistant for the product development and the art direction of the brand ABV (BE).

Currently Julien Renault is in the process of developing his design projects with various companies and work as photographer for different brands. Since the collaboration with Timber Group in early 2016 for the design of the BOARD Collection, Julien Renault is now in charge of the art direction of Timber Group (BE).

After graduating from ECAL, Renault moved to Brussels where he became an assistant to fellow Hem collaborator, Sylvain Willenz. With a handful of awards under his belt, including winner of the D3 Contest at imm Cologne, Renault has firmly established his own style. His work is inspired by everyday objects – and his Punched Metal collection, made with industrial piping – is a prime example of this.

Produkty - Julien Renault