Since graduating from London’s RCA, Schillinger now divides his time between England and Austria, building his already esteemed reputation as an innovative designer. A winner of multiple awards, Schillinger has worked on projects for Airbus, RIM-Blackberry and Kvadrat, among others. His work boasts a clarity of form, seen in all his simple yet poetic products.

Klemens Schillinger is a product and furniture designer based in Vienna, Austria. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art he has been working as a freelance designer for various design studios as well as carrying on with his own work. He has worked on projects for Hem, RIM-Blackberry and Kvadrat among others. His goal is to develop simple yet well thought-out products, design methods and “Do it yourself“ recipes. This can result in almost self-evident product solutions with a sparse amount of charm, minimal use of materials and poetic accent.

Produkty - Klemens Schillinger