“Colour and design has always been a big part of my life, already as five year old I made my first magazine and in the third grade, I started to write and illustrate my first storybook. Six months later there were twelve books, all carefully illustrated with small stories about everything from desert mice to Indians. Storybook 1-12 was my first big project. “

Today I work as a freelance designer with Malmo as my base. My technique is watercolor and I collect inspiration mainly from the nature. I was educated at Linnaeus University’s design program, a program with a focus on sustainable development where people, economy and environment go hand in hand. Therefore I make sure that all my products are produced under the right conditions in Sweden.

Matilda Svensson is a freelance designer and illustrator from Malmö, Sweden. Her main technique is watercolor and she collects inspiration mainly from nature. In Matildas collection you will find prints, textiles and interior details – all made in Sweden.

Produkty - Matilda Svensson