Urodzona w 1981 roku japońska malarska pochodząca z prefektura Osaka, Japonia. Ilustratorka, artystka, z dziecięcym wdziękiem oddająca swoją miłość do zwierząt a szczególną do kotów :-)

Miroco was born in 1981 in Osaka, Japan. She began painting in 2004 and has since moved to Tokyo where she keeps her studio.

Miroco is known for her love of animals and frequent depictions of wildlife in both painted and illustrated form. She works with bold colors and compositions and fills each piece with pattern and rich, saturated hues. Miroco’s work has a simplicity and primitiveness that feels perfect for her work with children and children’s picture books, but her color combinations and line work are well thought-out and sophisticated. During my research I discovered that Miroco likes to hold art workshops for children. I love knowing that her love of children’s books continues down to the children themselves and teaching them to create their own work.

Produkty - Miroco Machico