In nature, some species survive by adapting themeselves to universal demands, others integrate themselves in a more specific context. According to the designer Kasper Salto and the architect Thomas Sigsgaard, the design process should involve similar procedures, this makes it possible to constantly adjust to changes in their surroundings. They have shared a design studio for many years, but in 2004 they began a formal partnership in lighting design for Lightyears.

For Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard, it is neither professionally nor personally satisfying to build on an already well know style. Therefore, from the beginning, they have wiped the slate clean and worked intensively with the development process itself to create a design that is unique and well thought through, in every way. Therefore, they frequently end up with unconventional, but always contemporary results.

In creating a lamp, Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard place importance on the specific lighting situation. For this reason, the final design is always a direct result of the requirements the lighting will meet. As they say themselves: "You get further by focusing on light - rather than starting with the traditional shape of the lamp itself". Kasper Salto and Thomas Sigsgaard have chosen the concept "behaviour", because the finished lamps always appear to have their own personal characteristics.

Biography of Kasper Salto

Kasper Salto was born in Copenhagen, DK on February 14, 1967. 
Graduated cabinet maker in 1988. Masterpiece honoured with a silver medal. After that graduated 1994 from the Danish Design school. 
As a student, he had one semester at Art Center, college of design (Schwitzerland). In 1996 he was teaching at The Royal Acadamy of Fine Arts. Between 1994 and 1998, he worked for designer Rud Thygesen, who is a famous Danish designer in the field of furniture. It was at that time he met Peter Stærk: their friendship would have a deep influence on his professional life. In 1997, he designed the Runner chair for Peter Stærk who made the chair famous in Denmark, but also abroad. From 2006 the office is situated in the middle of town. He works mainly for the Company's; Fritz Hansen, Onecollection and Stærk design. Salto has received a number of design awards for his work, lately the The Furniture Prize 2003, Engelhardts Mindelegat 2005, and latest The Finn Juhl Prize 2010.

Biography of Thomas Sigsgaard
Thomas Sigsgaard was born in Copenhagen /Denmark) on July 20, 1966.
Graduated from The Royal Academy of fine arts in 1995.
Employed at PLH architects from 1995 – 1998, and Vilhelm Lauritzen architects from 1998 – 2001. 
Own studeo; ‘Over vandet’ Architects from 2001, mainly designing for private clients.
Main works: 'West View', ‘S house’, ‘HS2’, ‘SLA-house’, ‘TITAN’ and ‘HCA-Penthouse’.
Teaching at DIS (Danish International Study program) architecture and design program from 2001 – 2006. Started office (Salto & Sigsgaard) together with Kasper Salto in 2005.
Awarded: National Arts Foundation, National Bank's Jubilee Fund, The merchant LF Foghts Fund, Knud Højgaards fund.

Salto & Sigsgaard
Since 2003 Kasper and Thomas have worked together, from their studio in Copenhagen, and their first designs the NOSY desk lamp was be exposed in 2008. They have mainly worked with lighting since they teamed up.
With the first prize in the Danish Arts Foundation’s competition; ‘New furniture for the UN headquarters’, they are moving into furniture design together.
Clients; Lightyears, Onecollection. The United Nations, Montana, The Royal Danish Musikkonservatorie, Apotekerforeningen, The New Carlsberg Foundation, 
Exhibitions: Design Museum Sweeden, Light & Building Frankfurt, ‘Danish Craft’ Salone Mobile. 
Main works: "Nosy" desk lamp (Lightyears 2007). 'Wet Bell' pendant (CASSINA-Nemo 2009). 'Yellowfin' wall lamp (Danish Craft 2009). Juicy pendant (Lightyears 2011), New furniture in the Trusteeship Council Chamber (United Nations, NY 2013). Curators MINDCRAFT2013. “Council Chair” (ONECOLLECTION 2013). GUEST (Montana 2014), Council Table (Onecollection 2014), New foyer in The Royal Danish Musikkonservatorium DKDM 2014, New furniture for Apotekerforeningen 2015, The New Carlsbergfoundation 2.0 2017.

Produkty - Salto Sigsgaard