Olejek - Aromat do sauny 50 ml SOSNA POLARNA Lapland Wood KELOHONKA

Osmia Finland

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Saunavihta sauna aroma 50 ml

Wysokość.H 50 ml
Motyw Rośliny, Owoce, Warzywa
Materiał Szkło
Kolor Czarny

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Saunavihta sauna aroma 50 ml

The birth of saunas is attributed to Finland, and it remains a large part of Finnish culture. The bathing ritual has been performed for thousands of years in Finland, back when settlers would dig ditches in the ground with a heated pile of stones. When water is poured on these stones to give off vapor, it is known as "loyly." Today, sauna is just as sacred and essential for body and mind. The benefits range from stress and pain relief to deep cleansing of toxins and calorie burning. A bunch of birch leaves called "vihta" or „Vasta“ are sometimes used to lightly whip the skin, improving circulation.

Sauna-aromas 50ml bottle.

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