Benjamin Hansen (1979) is a multifaceted designer. His work is easily recognisable in its minimalism and play with colour and form.

The myriad of ways objects influence each other and appear differently according to their context fascinates Benjamin.

In his early days with SHFT in Copenhagen, his creative mind amused itself with graphic design, installations and interior design projects. 

Form and colour inspire

Asked for his inspiration, Hansen without hesitation says: "Form and colour".

Minimalist features are recurrent in all his designs, and his products easily adapt to their surroundings. They do this with such character that they easily work as standalone design elements.

Today, Benjamin Hansen is located on the island of Samsø. Here, he is creative design chief for the MEINUNG bureau who specialise in communication, behaviour and product design. Samsø also represents sustainability, craft and community, themes which are central to Hansen and MEINUNG.

Island life breeds innovative design

Island life has become his new playground. Here, the aesthetics of nature act as a fertile provocation of the colour-loving and minimalist Hansen.

He finds continuous inspiration in the relationship between stringency and nature’s organic mildness.

When Benjamin Hansen designs, it is with everyday life as his focal centre. Both through functional elements and colourful toying with everyday, familiar objects.

Hansen has a particularly sharp eye for the potency of detail in the bigger picture. He applies this ability to create products and designs that serve both as a commentary on daily life and an element that reaches further.

Produkty - Benjamin Hansen