Poster żuki 30x40 Multicolour Beetles Bugs


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Poster żuki 30x40 Multicolour Beetles Bugs. Meet the macro photo posters of the Swedish brand Liljebergs!

Wysokość.H 40
Głęb.Szer.W 30
Motyw Zwierzęta, Ptaki, Owady, Ryby
Materiał Papier
Kolor Kolorowy

Produkt dostępny w magazynie.

Wysyłka w 24H

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Torynorrhina unicolor, Belionota tricolor, Belionota prasina, Plusiotis adelaida, Dicronorrhina derbyana, Galaeus walkeri, Stigmodera chevrolati, Torynorrhina flammea, Protaetia cuprea ignicollis, Metaxymorpha apicalis, Buprestis octoguttata, Chrysophora chrysochlora, Chlorocala africana oertzeni, Chrysochroa toulgoeti, Chrysochroa buqueti rugicollis, Polybotris sumptuosa gema.

Only available without tinted background.

Meet the macro photo posters of the Swedish brand Liljebergs! 

The great macro photo illustrations of Liljebergs are perfect to brighten your interior.
Bright but soft natural colors really stand out.
For example, a large white wall with a few 30x40 cm prints with or without frame in black or natural wood.
Or hang the biggest size 50x70 cm on beautiful wooden poster hangers, a real eyecatcher!
The prints are also very beautiful nearby you see the finest details.

Göran Liljebergs fantastic photo illustrations are perfect to decorate your wall with! Göran Liljeberg is a specialist on macro photographing and has also a great passion for insects and butterflies. The result of that combination is a series photo illustrations that he photographs and prints in his own studio. A true craftsmanship that shows all the details and colors of the insects. Choose your favorite among several variants!

Material: 192 g paper.

Goran Liljebergs

Göran Liljeberg is a skilled photographer with a special interest in macro photography. He also has a great passion for butterflies and insects, which has results in a range of beautiful prints from his own studio. Each print is really detailed, sharp and has a wide color palette. Available in numerous variants!