Kilim wełniany NDEBELE RED 170x240 by Sandra Figuerola

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Kilim wełniany 170x240 NDEBELE RED by Sandra Figuerola. 

Wysokość.H 240
Głęb.Szer.W 170
Motyw Obiekty, Figury, Cyfry, Litery
Materiał Wełna
Kolor Czerwony

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Kilim wełniany 170x240 NDEBELE RED by Sandra Figuerola. The Ndebele rugs are inspired by the culture of the African Ndebele people, known for their colorful facades. These are traditionally painted by women, who paint and decorate their houses with murals of geometric motifs and bright colors. The Ndebele kilims of ethnic style and contemporary language playfully combine intense tones and rotund designs with the geometry of their strokes. A graphic reading of ethnic roots reinterpreted into a more modern look.

Sandra Fiquerola

She studied Fine Arts at the San Carlos Art School in Valencia.

In 1984, along with 10 other partners, she founded La Nave design studio, a distinctive concept on the national design scene, inextricably linked with a particular period of Valencian design. She stayed with La Nave until it was disbanded in 1991.
In 2010 she set up a new studio, El Almudín, with six other partners.


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