Armi Ratia (1912-1979) was the founder of the Finnish textile and clothing company Marimekko Oy. From a modest start in 1951, the brand was on the world map by the 1960s, and remains the most well known Scandinavian design brand to this day. Ratia was not the designer of the Mariskooli (Mari bowl); its shape was a common design across the many glassworks of early 20th century Europe. But it was at a visit to iittala glassworks in the early 1960s that Ratia realised that its romantic shape was reminiscent of Finnish Karelian design, and could be updated to fit her colourful vision of Marimekko. Ratia presented iittala with the then current Marimekko colour palette and brought in not only textile samples but fruits and flowers to match. iittala's unique ability to create coloured glass resulted in a renewal for the bowl. To this day, the Maribowl is still stamped with the Marimekko logotype.

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