Teemu Järvi is an artist and designer who specialises in wilderness themes. His art and projects include a wide range of printmaking, book and magazine illustrations as well as product designs and concepts.

The works derive from the artist’s lifelong love of nature. A ceaseless explorer of Finnish woods and lakes, Teemu is familiar with the wildlife through first-hand experience. Like a hunter-gatherer of old, he too has a deep connection with the tools and models he uses. His works of art transport us from our hectic urban existence to the soothing calm of primeval wilderness.

His craftsmanship is intimate and he works with traditional tools such as the reed pen. His work focuses on the essential: the amazingly complex and diverse nature, ever diminishing under the stress of our modern life.

Teemu Järvi started co-operation with Lapuan Kankurit 2017 with several kitchen designs. Let KETTU, HUUHKAJA, PORO and KÄPY take you into Finnish forest.

Produkty - Teemu Jarvi