It all started in 1944, during the immediate post-war era: Mariuccia De Feo Olcelli created her pharmaceutics workshop in the then small town of Seregno, at the gates of Monza. The first products were immediately followed by many others, formulated with skill and quality by her son Manlio, a pharmacist, who widened the production.

In 2013 Maria Elena Olcelli, from the family’s third generation, mother of three, carried on the family’s heritage by broadening the business with the creation of Linea MammaBaby.

Linea MammaBaby is a wide detergent-cosmetic products line, specifically designed for babies, and perfect for adults too.

Linea MammaBaby it’s a love project, born of the passionate will to offer high quality products to babies and families, in harmony with the environment.  Every product’s formula is organic farmed vegetable extracts-based.

Every product is dermatologically tested, most of them on sensitive skin, at the Ferrara University’s Cosmetology Lab, each production batch is tested for Nickel, Chromium, Cobalt, artificial colouring free, silicon free, PEG free, paraben free, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free, with allergenic free fragrances.

Linea MammaBaby’s products formulas are the result of a specific and correct formulation philosophy: we aim at achieving the best results by selecting the best natural ingredients, chosen in the light of each product’s purpose.

The entire production cycle is based in Italy, each production stage 100% “Made in Italy”, fully complying with essential rules and environmental legislation.

In addition to environment-friendly solutions, Olcelli Farmaceutici has undertaken a number of measures to reduce the use of resources: in 2010 PV panels were installed to make the Company self-sustaining up to 40% of energy consumption.

The products’ high quality is combined with the aesthetic of a packaging with a simple, neat and eye-catching graphic design, meant for younger children to immediately recognise the products without having to read. Each product bears a distinct emblem, named just like they’re friendly fables characters.

The entire Linea MammaBaby’s formulation, production and monitoring system is carried out in accordance with high quality standards, complying with qualification and environmental criteria as prescribed by international regulations.

In order to make Linea MammaBaby’s products only the finest raw materials are selected and rigorously lab tested. Olcelli Farmaceutici complies with the strictest good manufacturing practices, to assure the highest quality, effectiveness and safety standards.

ISO 9001 certification is by all means non-mandatory, but it represents a willing and responsible choice the Company made to show its awareness in identifying every production processes that have an impact on both the organisation and the processes regularly outilining continuous improvement aims, as much as a management plan to pursue those aims.

In a responsible informed consumption perspective, it’s really important to follow the indications on the labelling. Linea MammaBaby has always chosen the path of a totally transparent wealth of information.

All of our Linea MammaBaby products are made in compliance with ISO 22716 certification, determining the cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

To make all of our Linea MammaBaby paper goods (packaging, calendars, organizers, brochures, flyers) only certified paper from responsibly managed sources is used.